Die Bonding Tools

Die Pick Up Tools

Our Push Up needles are manufactured under well managed tolerance control and superior high polished spherical tips to ensure longer lifespan and eliminate crack die problem. We have introduced “Solution Material” that is non-brittle and non-magnetic specially developed for small and thin die application for outstanding performance.

Push-up Needle(PN) Material
PNC Series Tungsten Carbide
PNS Series Special Steel
PNH Series High Speed Steel
  • Push-up Needle Holders (NH)
  • Alphasem
  • NH02-xx-xxxx-xxxx
  • ASM AD-829
  • NH05-xx-xxxx-xxxx
  • NEC
  • NH52-xx-xxxx-xxxx
  • ESEC
  • NH15-xx-xxxx-xxxx
  • NH15A-xx-xxxx-xxxx
  • Needle Holder Casing/ Pepperpot (NHC)
  • Alphasem
  • NHC02-xx-xxxx-xxxx
  • ASM AD-829
  • NHC05-xx-xxxx-xxxx
  • NEC
  • NHC52-xx-xxxx-xxxx
  • ESEC
  • NHC15-xx-xxxx-xxxx

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